Anaheim Scientific CAL601

Anaheim Scientific CAL601

Sound Level Calibrator

The Anaheim Scientific CAL601 is one of our Factory New Sound Level Calibrators.

Price: $725.00



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The CAL601, Sound Level Calibrator, is used for the calibration of the pressure sensitivity of the microphone and sound level measuring equipment. The design of CAL601 is based on a feedback arrangement to ensure a high stable sound pressure level. The performance is very stable; it does not required for the revision to the microphone equivalent volume. CAL 601 conforms to the standard of IEC60942 (2003) Class 1.

  • Anaheim Scientific CAL601 Features:
    • Sound Pressure Levels:94 and 114 dB (reference of 2x10-5PA)
    • Accuracy: 94 +0.3 dB and 114 +0.5 dB
    • Frequency: 1000 Hz +1%
    • Distortion: <1%
    • Stable Times: 3 s
    • Battery: 9 V 006P or IEC6F22 or NEDS 1604
    • Operating Temperature:14 to 122°F (-25 to 50°C)
    • Storage Temperature: -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C) <90%