Anaheim Scientific TRISND

Anaheim Scientific TRISND

Tripod Stand

The Anaheim Scientific TRISND is one of our Factory New Tripod Stands.

Price: $39.99



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The Anaheim Scientific Tripod stand holds the meter in place. The tripod requires the meter to have a threaded tripod screw mount.



  • Anaheim Scientific TRISND Features:
    • Six adjustable height settings
    • First height position = 11.6 inches (32cm)
    • Second height position = 19 inches (48.3cm)
    • Third height position = 25.75 inches (65.4cm)
    • Fourth height position = 31.5 inches (80cm)
    • Fifth height position = 36.4 inches (92.5cm)
    • Sixth height position = 42 inches (106.7cm)