BK Precision 1856D

BK Precision 1856D

3.5GHz Frequency Counter

The BK Precision 1856D is one of our Factory New 3.5 GHz Multifunction Counters.
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The BK Precision 1856D 3.5 GHz Multifunction Counter (Frequency, Period, Totalize) is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for frequency measurement.

The 1856D has uniquely developed LSI circuitry in an expanding/reciprocal system, high accuracy with 9-digit resolution is achieved with a one second gate time. It covers a frequency range of from 0.1 Hz to 3.5 GHz based on a 10 MHz TCO (Temperature Controlled Oscillator).

The BK 1856D provides versatility and reliability for a broad spectrum of laboratory and service applications.
  • BK Precision 1856D Features:
    • RS232 Interface
    • Wide measuring range up to 3.5GHz
    • Bright nine digit LED display
    • Period mode for accurate low frequency measurement
    • Totalize mode permits counting of individual events
    • Accurate TCO (Temperature Compensated Oscillator) time base


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