BK Precision 301

BK Precision 301

AC Line Separator

The BK Precision 301 is one of our Factory New AC Line Separators.

Price: $22.00



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The 301 is intended to be used with an AC Current Clamp Meter.

It provides temporary separation of conductors to facilitate measurement of current.

Most 120Vac devices use a two conductor power cord which makes it difficult to isolate a single conductor to make a current measurement.

A single conductor is required to make a measurement because a two conductor measurement will cancel each other out.

  • Features:
    • X10 Mode allows for more accurate measurements of low amperage devices
    • Direct reading in X1 mode
    • 2mm Voltmeter measurement points
    • Integrated ground conductor (three pronged US standard plug)
    • 15 amp capacity
  • Applications:
    • Monitor a devices power consumption
    • Measure surge current