BK Precision 8510

8510 BK Precision DC Electronic Load

120V, 120A, 600W Programmable DC Electronic Load

The 8510 is a 600 watt dc electronic load from BK Precision. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $109.20

BK Precision 8510 Features:

  • Operates between 0-120VDC, 1mA-120A (600W max)
  • High resolution 1mA/1mV (range dependent)
  • Bright easy to read display ( VFD technology)
  • CV/CC/CW/CR operation
  • Over-Current/Over-Voltage/Over-Power/Over-Temperature Protected
  • RS 232 Interface cable and software included
  • Optional USB interface cable available (order IT-E132)
  • Thermostat controlled internal fan
  • Battery test capability
  • Create complex test sequences without the need of an external PC

The BK Precision 8510 600W Programmable DC Electronic Load has a high degree of accuracy, great display resolution and a wide operating range of up to 120A or 120V, 600W max.

The BK 8510 is well suited for testing and calibrating DC Power supplies, DC-DC Converters and batteries. Programmability via the RS 232 or optional USB interface makes the units ideal for the use in Automated Test Systems.

How To Test Load Regulation of a Power Supply


  Product Price Qty  
BK Precision IT-E132 BK Precision IT-E132
USB Interface Kit for models 1785B, 1786B, 1787B, 1788 & 8500
BK Precision IT-E151 BK Precision IT-E151
Rack Mount Kit for 1785B-88, 8500-8518, 9120A And 9130 Series Oscilloscopes
BK Precision IT-E131 BK Precision IT-E131
RS 232 Interface Kit 1785B, 1786B, 1787B & 1788
Product Price
BK Precision 8500 BK Precision 8500
300 Watt, Programmable DC Electronic Load w /IT-E132 (USB to TTL Interface Kit) at no extra charge.