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BK Precision 875B

BK Precision 875B

LCR Meter

The BK Precision 875B is one of our Factory New LCR Meters.

Includes a 3 Year Warranty from BK

List Price: $225.00
Price: $202.50

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The BK Precision 875B LCR meter is a rugged, reliable, easy to use workhorse that will measure inductance, capacitance, resistance (equivalent series resistance) and dissipation factor are provided for over a broad band of ranges and is ideal for testing SMD type components.

The BK Precicion 875B utilizes special circuitry, the measurement more closely replicates true in circuit measurements. Ten range resistance range measures to 0.001 zero adjust removes leads resistance.

BK Precision 875B Features:

  • Precision measurement of very low resistances
  • Measures D (dissipation factor)
  • Unique drop-proof construction
  • Tilt stand
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