BK Precision CC540

BK Precision CC540

General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kit

The BK Precision CC540 is one of our Factory New General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kits.
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Price: $328.50

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Model CC540 General Purpose Oscilloscope Adapter Kit provides a range of BNC and N Type coaxial interconnection for general purpose oscilloscope test interconnections.

All components feature standard BNC or N type connectors with 50O impedance to ensure accurate measurements.

The kit is provided in a convenient foam lined storage case for easy selection and use.
  • BK Precision CC540 Features:
    • BNC & N Type 50O Connectors
    • Gold plated center contacts
    • Storage case
  • Applications:
    • Production Test Stations
    • Service & Repair Facilities
    • Educational Test Benches
    • Calibration Work