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CalTest CT2676A

CalTest CT2676A

Fixed 10x Oscilloscope Probe

The CalTest CT2676A is one of our Factory New Fixed 10x Probes.

$50 Minimum Purchase on all CalTest Items

Price: $35.00



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Good general purpose 10x probe. 100 MHz bandwidth makes the probe suitable for up to 60 MHz oscilloscopes.

Readout actuator available on Model CT2676ARA.


  • Attenuation 10x fixed
  • Wide compensation adjustment in BNC box
  • Meets IEC 61010-031 CAT II @ 300 V
  • Accessories included:
    • 15 cm Ground Lead
    • Replacement Tip
    • Black Snap-on Sprung HookTip Insulator
    • IC Tip
    • BNC Adapter
    • Probe Tip Ground
    • Trimmer Tool
    • Coding Rings