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CalTest GE1521

CalTest GE1521

17/150 MHz Passive Oscilloscope Probe

The CalTest GE1521 is one of our Factory-New 17/150 MHZ Passive Oscilloscope Probes.

Price: $36.00



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CalTest GE1521 Features:

  • 150 MHz (-3 dB) bandwidth (10x position)
  • High impedance input (10 MΩ/≈12 pF)
  • 10–30 pF compensation range
  • 300 V CAT II

Features & Benefits:

  • Slim, stylish body
  • Snap-Locking Sprung Hook
  • Easily replaceable tip
  • Large accessory set
  • Meets IEC 61010-031
  • RoHS compliant

The CalTest GE1521 is a medium bandwidth, high impedance 1x/10x switchable voltage probe with 10 MΩ input impedance (10x position).