Chroma 5767

Chroma 5767

Soft-panel - 61600 Series

The Chroma 5767 is one of our Factory New Softpanels for the Chroma 61500 / 61600 Series AC Power Sources.
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Chroma Softpanel is a graphical user interface which provides extraordinary capability and convenience to user for delivering control to the unit. The 61500/61600 series Softpanel is designed specifically for offering users to control the AC source by applying user friendly interface configured in a graphical, instrument like settings.

The self explanatory graphical interface makes the enabling of extensive functions of AC source with just few clicks of button. Users are able to perform online and offline waveform editing with the implementation of Softpanel. The Softpanel is also equipped with data recording function as multiple measurement data can be recorded simultaneously.

One of the most powerful features for Softpanel is the availability of test environment configured specifically for conducting IEC regulation test, such as IEC 61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-13, IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28.