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Chroma 61700 Series

Chroma 61700 Series

Programmable AC Sources (3 Phase)

The Chroma 61700 Series is a series of Programmable 3 Phase AC Power Sources. The Chroma 61700 Series consists of five different models which are listed below.
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  • Chroma 61700 Series Features:
    • Three phase programmable, 500VA/ph to 4KVA/ph
    • Provides 0-300VAC or 0-424VDC output from a single source
    • Optional DSP provides for voltage transient simulations for compliance testing to many IEC & Military standards
    Chroma's 61700 series are three phase AC sources targeted at power applications from 500VA per phase to 4KVA per phase. The instruments are programmable to 15 to 1200Hz and include the same low distortion/ high signal qualify as the 61500 and 61600 series. Optional transient generator allows for a wide variety of line disturbances including MIL-STD-704E (airborne) and DO-160 (shipboard).
    The Chroma 61700 Series consists of:


    • 61701: Programmable AC Source (3 Phase) 1500VA
    • 61702: Programmable AC Source (3 Phase) 3000VA
    • 61703: Programmable AC Source (3 Phase) 4500VA
    • 61704: Programmable AC Source (3 Phase) 6000VA
    • 61705: Programmable AC Source (3 Phase) 12000VA