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Chroma 63200 Series

Chroma 63200 Series

Modular DC Electronic Loads

The Chroma 63200 Series is a Series of Modular DC Elctronic Loads. The Chroma 63200 Series consists of eleven different models which are listed below.
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  • Chroma 63200 Series Features:
    • Power Rating: 2600W ~ 15600W
    • Voltage range: 1-80V / 2.5-500V (NEW 600V option available)
    • Current range: Up to 1000A
    • CC, CR, CV, CP load modes
    • Master/Slave paralleling control mode
    • Dynamic loading : Up to 20kHz
    • Only need 1V to draw rated current
    • Programmable slew rate, up to 41A/┬ÁS

    The 63200 Series Electronic Loads are designed for DC power source, power electronic devices and components testing. The high power rating, parallel and synchronization capabilities make them the ideal tool for testing the high power UUT such as SMR, UPS, battery, and fuel cell.

    The 63200 series offers 10 different models with power range from 2600 watts to 15600 watts, current from 50A to 1000A and up to 500V input voltage. The 4 load modes setup provide different load simulations for various application occasions. The CC/CR modes are designed to test constant voltage type of power supply. CV mode is used to test battery charger and current source, while CP mode is ideal for battery testing by simulating the real discharge curve.

    The Chroma 63200 Series consists of:

    • 63201: DC Electronic Load 300A/80V/2600W
    • 63202: DC Electronic Load 50A/500V/2600W
    • 63203: DC Electronic Load 600A/80V/5200W
    • 63204: DC Electronic Load 100A/500V/5200W
    • 63204-600V: DC Electronic Load 100A/600V/5200W
    • 63205: DC Electronic Load 180A/80V/6500W
    • 63206: DC Electronic Load 600A/80V/10400W
    • 63207: DC Electronic Load 300A/80V/10400W
    • 63208: DC Electronic Load 600A/80V/15600W
    • 63209: DC Electronic Load 1000A/80V/15600W
    • 63210: DC Electronic Load 150A/500V/14.5KW