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Com-Power AH-220 New

Com-Power AH-220

200MHz-2GHz Horn Antenna

The Com-Power AH-220 is one of our Factory New 200 MHz to 2GHz Double Ridged Horn Antennas.

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Com-Power AH-220 Features:

  • Frequency Range: 200 MHz - 2000 MHz
  • Input: 800 Watt CW
  • Antenna VSWR (average): 2.5 :1
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm 
  • Antenna output: N (f)
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Size: 37 " X 38 " X 27 "
  • Broadband - For sweep measurements
  • High Gain
  • Three year warranty
  • Individual calibration

The Com-Power AH-220 is a linearly polarized broadband double ridged horn antenna operating in the frequency range of 200 MHz - 2000 MHz. For immunity measurements the Com-Power AH-220 can accept up to 800 Watts input power in a continuous mode.

The Com-Power AH-220 horn antenna was specifically designed to make EMC measurements. This antenna is suitable for making EMC measurements per EN 61000-4-3 and MIL-STD 461/462 test specifications.

The distinct advantage of the Com-Power AH-220 horn antenna is its high gain that increases the antennas sensitivity to low level signals during emissions testing.