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Com-Power ANK-310

Com-Power ANK-310

Antenna Kit for EMC Testing

The Com-Power ANK-310 is one of our Factory New Antenna Kits for EMC Testing.   

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Com-Power ANK-310 Includes:

  • 30 MHz - 1 GHz
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • ABF-900 Biconical Antenna (30 -300 MHz)
  • ALM-100 Log Periodic ( 300 - 1 GHz)
  • PAM-103 Preamplifier (1-1000 MHz)
  • PS-500 Near Field Probes
  • CGO-520 Comb Generator, 20 MHz step
  • BNC Cables

Com-Power offers antenna kits suitable for offsite EMC testing. The antenna kit is supplied with a carrying case with a specific storage compartment for each item included in the kit. The antenna case conforms to the latest airline check in luggage specifications. Please see table below for the items included in the kit.