Com-Power CDN-M425E

Com-Power CDN-M425E

150 MHz-230 MHz, Coupling / Decoupling Network (CDN)

The Com-Power CDN M425E is one of our Factory New Three Phase + Earth Coupling / Decoupling Networks for powerline conductors with a frequency of 150 MHz to 230 MHz.

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Com-Power CDN-M425E Features:

  • Frequency Range 150 MHz to 230 MHz
  • Designed for IEC / EN 61000-4-6
  • Four conductor power cable
  • Individual Calibration Included

Com-Power CDN-M425E is a part of the series of Coupling/Decoupling Networks designed specifically for testing product for conducted immunity per IEC/EN 61000-4-6. The Com-Power CDN-M525E is designed for testing products that uses four conductor power cable. It has five 4 mm shrouded banana socket for both EUT and AE power connections. The Com-Power CDN-M425E can handle up to 25 Amps AC and 17 Amps DC of current. The RF disturbance signal coupling port is female BNC. It can handle up to 40V of RF input Voltage. The bottom surface of the CDN is not painted for easy and effective grounding. All Com-Power CDNs are individually calibrated. The Com-Power CDN-M425E fully complies with the requirement contained in the IEC 61000-4-6 and CISPR 16-1-2. All Com-Power CDNs can be purchased separately or as part of the CIS series conducted immunity test system. This is a pre-packaged solution that includes an ACS series power amplifier and all accessories required for the test.