Com-Power CK-112

Com-Power CK-112

Cable and Connector Kit for PC-113

The Com-Power CK 112 is one of our Factory New Cable and Connector Kits.

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The Com-Power CK-112 cable kit is designed for use with the PC-113 and contains standard RG-58 coax cables and connectors necessary for performing premlinary conducted and 3 meter radiated EMC testing with the Com-Power precompliance test system.

The CK-112 can be purchased seperately or with the system and contains cables for near field probes and preamplifer connection.

  • Com-Power CK112 Features:
    • 3 meter RG-58 Coax BNC cable
    • 12” RG-58 Coax BNC cable
    • 36” RG-58 Coax BNC cable
    • N male to BNC female connector