Com-Power LB-168

Com-Power LB-168

Longitudinal Signal Power and Balance Set

The Com-Power LB-168 is one of our Factory New Longitudinal Signal Power and Balance Sets.

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Com-Power LB-168 Features:

  • Meets Part 68 test requirements
  • Allows Testing for Longitudinal Signal
  • Power and Balance
  • Rack mountable
  • Longitudinal Signal Power
    • Loop resistance: 400 Ohms - 2450 Ohms
    • Terminating resistance: 500 Ohm, 90 Ohm
    • Frequency Range: 100 Hz - 6 MHz
    • Loop Supply: 48 V DC, external battery
  • Longitudinal Balance
    • Measurement modes:Metallic, Longitudinal
    • Frequency range: 200 Hz - 4 kHz
    • Amplifier gain: 10 x Voltage level
  • General
    • EUT connection: RJ11 or 4 mm socket
    • Dimensions (inches): 19 x 17 x 10
    • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Two year warranty

The Com-Power LB-168 Longitudinal Signal Power and Balance Set is capable of analyzing Longitudinal Signal Power and Longitudinal Balance of telephone interface devices.

The Com-Power LB-168 longitudinal balance measurements are to verify that telephone lines are in balance at all times. Unbalanced telephone lines will transmit signals that couple to multiconductor cables, producing crosstalk.

The Com-Power LB-168 has front panel controls to adjust the loop resistance and terminating resistance. The current level supplied to the telephone equipment is displayed on the built-in analog current meter.