Com-Power PS-400

Com-Power PS-400

Near Field Probe Set

The Com-Power PS-400 is one of our Factory New Near Field Probes Sets.

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Com-Power PS-400 Features:

  • 2 E-Field probes
  • Stub probe to find Vacinity
  • Fine tip probe for pinpoint accuracy
  • 1 H-Field Loop probe
  • Detects magnetic noise
  • Lightweight - Easy to use and handle
  • Small Size - Allows easy access to corners
  • Immune to Hand Position - For repeatable results
  • Optional PAP-501 preamplifier

The Com-Power PS-400 Field Probe Set are hand held near field probes that will allow test engineers to probe hard reach areas of the product.

The fine tip probes allows noise measurement of pins on ICs and traces as narrow as 3 mils on a printed circuit board. The E-field stub probe is used to find the vicinity of the highest emissions levels on the board.

The H-Field Loop probe allows detection of magnetic noise emanating from chassis seams, ribbon cables and connector pins.

The probes set can be purchased with the optional model PAP-501 RF Preamplifier with 20 dB nominal gain from 10 MHz - 1000 MHz. The preamplifier improves sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer to low amplitude signals picked up by the near field probes.