Com-Power TS-568

Com-Power TS-568

Complete Telecom Test Station

The Com-Power TS-568 is one of our Factory New Complete Test Stations.

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Com-Power TS-568 Features:

  • Meets Part 68 requirements
  • SG-168 Surge Generator
  • LB-168 Longitudinal Signal Power and Balance
  • IS-268 Impedance Test Set
  • RS-368 Ringer Set
  • DB-568 Digital Service Longitudinal Balance
  • LS-668 Loop Simulator for 26 AWG
  • Two Year Warranty

The Com-Power TS-568 Complete Test Station is a rack mountable (19 inch) system designed to perform testing according to Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) / Electronic Industry Alliance (EIA) standard TIA/EIA-IS-968 Technical requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment To the Telephone Network (formerly FCC Part 68.

The Com-Power TS-568 system contains most of the specialized circuitry needed to perform testing on analog modems and analog telephones (excludes FCC 68.317- Hearing aid comparability volume control for Analog Telephones). Other "General purpose" or third party equipment may be needed to perform some of the tests.