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Dranetz ES2301A

Dranetz ES2301A

Energy meter, harmonics, 1A, 85-253Vac/dc

The Dranetz ES2301A is one of our Factory New Energy meter, harmonics, 1A, 85-253Vac/dc 

Price: $605.00



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To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, companies must reduce both production and service costs. Since energy represents a significant portion of these costs, energy management becomes a key factor in cost reduction. The ES Series Energy Management DataNode’s® are designed to help you manage energy consumption. The ES210 and ES220 DataNode’s measure more than 60 parameters, including true RMS voltage and current, kW, kVA, KVAR, power factor, frequency. The ES230/ES230s DataNode’s add Vthd, Ithd and individual harmonics to the 15th. ES Series DataNode’s are available in the standard DIN96 or DIN144 sizes and can be used as stand alone panel meters or, by adding an available Ethernet or serial interface the ES Series can be used with web browser based Encore Series Software for remote access to real time and recorded data.


 Dranetz ES2301A Features:

  • Energy meter, harmonics, 1A, 85-253Vac/dc, 144mm x 144mm.  No comm
  • Aggregated Energy Expense – usage and cost for all DataNodes® or monitoring instruments for a given time period
  • Energy Expense – energy use for a particular DataNode for a specific time period compared to rate structure
  • Energy Usage Comparison – energy use for a specific monitoring location for various time periods against a specified reference period
  • Operating environment - Installed in any InfoNode or Encore® Series Software
  • Input data - Accepts energy usage and demand data from any DataNode®. User must input rate structures and peak/off-peak consumption and demand parameters
  • Output information - On-peak energy consumption in $kWHr, $/kW, and $/kVARHr Partial-peak energy consumption in $kWHr, $/kW, and $/kVARHr Off-peak energy consumption $/kWHr, $/kW, and $/kVARHr
  • Applications - Creates reports showing total energy usage, energy usage compared against total, and energy usage for specified time intervals
  • Algorithms - Algorithms for usage comparison with rate, time, peak, penalty, and tax