Dranetz HDPQ Guide

Dranetz HDPQ Guide

1000Vrms Power Quality Analyzer

The Dranetz HDPQ Guide is one of our Factory New 1000Vrms Power Quality Analyzers.

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Dranetz HDPQ Guide Features:

  • 16-25Hz, 42.5-69Hz, +/- 0.01Hz
  • Portable Power Quality, Demand & Energy Analysis
  • Ethernet, 802.11 Wireless, Bluetooth, USB OTG
  • Intelligent Answer Modules® - SAG, PF CAP, Motor
  • Inrush & Fault Recording With 10K Cycle Storage
  • 7-Inch Wide Screen Color, Touch LCD
  • 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
  • 4 differential 50/60Hz, AC/DC voltage channels
  • 4 AC/DC Current Channels with Flex Probe Power
  • 32us/40us low, med frequency V & I transients
  • IEC 61000-4-30: 2008 Class A, EN50160
  • IEEE 1159, 519, 1453, 1459
  • SAG/DIP, Swell, Transients, Unbalance, Flicker
  • Harmonics, Interharmonics, Mains Signaling
  • Easy-To-Use with Automatic or Manual Setups
  • 4GB Internal Flash Memory. External USB Storage
  • Apps for Apple, Android Tablets & Smartphones
  • VNC Remote Control for PC, MAC, IOS & Android
  • GPS, NTP, Internal Time Synchronization
  • Fully Compatible with DRANVIEW 7
  • Enhanced productivity - Mini Reports & screen snapshots
  • Rugged IP50 Enclosure with easel & cable management
  • Universal Power Supply with Multi-Country Plugs

All Dranetz HDPQ Guide packages also include Dran-View 7  Enterprise and a soft carry case.

The Dranetz HDPQ Guide offers the best combination of value & technology from Dranetz, or any other PQ analyzer available!  It includes all of the features of the Dranetz HDPQ Visa, but adds Wi-Fi communications, AnswerModules® and a 10,000 cycle recording buffer for fault and inrush recording.