Dranetz HDPQ Visa

Dranetz HDPQ Visa

1000Vrms Power Quality Analyzer

The Dranetz HDPQ Visa is one of our Factory New 1000Vrms Power Quality Analyzers.

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Dranetz HDPQ Visa Features:

  • 16-25Hz, 42.5-69Hz, +/- 0.01Hz
  • Portable Power Quality, Demand & Energy Analysis
  • Intelligent Answer Modules® - Motor
  • 7-Inch Wide Screen Color, Touch LCD
  • 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
  • 4 differential 50/60Hz, AC/DC voltage channels
  • 4 AC/DC Current Channels With Flex Probe Power
  • 32us/40us low, med frequency V & I transients
  • IEC 61000-4-30: 2008 CLASS A, EN50160
  • IEEE 1159, 519, 1453
  • SAG/DIP, Swell, Transients, Unbalance, Flicker
  • Harmonics, Interharmonics, Mains Signaling
  • Easy-To-Use With Automatic Or Manual Setups
  • 4GB Internal Flash Memory. External USB Storage
  • Apps For Apple, Android Tablets & Smartphones
  • VNC Remote Control For PC, MAC, IOS & Android
  • GPS, NTP, Internal Time Synchronization
  • Fully Compatible With DRANVIEW 7
  • Enhanced productivity - Mini Reports & screen snapshots
  • Rugged IP50 Enclosure with easel & cable management
  • Universal Power Supply With Multi-Country Plugs

All Dranetz HDPQ Visa packages below also include Dran-View 7  Pro and a soft carry case.

The Dranetz HDPQ Visa offers the best value in a Power Quality, Demand and Energy analyzer from Dranetz, or any other PQ analyzer manufacturer!  No other product comes close to matching the benefits and features provided by the Dranetz HDPQ Visa at this price point.