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Dranetz PowerVisa (DBPV550)

Dranetz PowerVisa (DBPV550)

PowerVisa Package with 3x 1-100A CT's

The Dranetz PowerVisa (DBPV550) is one of our Factory New 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzers.

Price: $4,637.00

Purchase any Dranetz Portable Power Quality Analyzer and receive a free PQ Training Disk ($450 value) for Free.



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The Dranetz PowerVisa (DBPV550) is equipped with 8 independent channels.  The 3-phase PowerVisa® is a powerful, yet cost effective power quality, demand and energy monitoring tool that meets the needs of most of today’s applications.  The PowerVisa is extremely easy to use, incorporating a color touch screen into its lightweight design.   Automated setups provide instant detection of circuits and configurations to get you monitoring within seconds, ensuring that the instrument is ready to successfully collect data.  Users can select the length and mode of data collection, including troubleshooting, data logging, power quality surveys, energy and load balancing.

Dranetz PowerVisa (DBPV550) FEATURES:

  • Eight channels, 4 voltage & 4 current
  • Intuitive color touch screen user interface
  • Light weight — About 4 pounds, 2 kg — with rugged rubber boot
  • AC/DC applications
  • Automatic setups – Start monitoring in seconds with only a few keystrokes
  • Annunciator reports – Instant, color coded event alarms & reports
  • Samples at 256 samples/cycle
  • Independent voltage & current triggering, cross triggering
  • Capture of low-medium frequency transients
  • THD/harmonic spectrum and TID/interharmonics spectrum to the 63rd
  • Remote communications—RS-232, Ethernet or USB
  • Battery or AC powered - Built in 2Hr UPS battery with charger
  • 4GB Compact Flash Memory
  • Available languages — English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Thai, Korean, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Dran-View® PC software enabled ( XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Complies with IEEE 1159 (PQ), IEEE 519 (Harmonics), IEEE 1453 (Flicker)
  • Complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (certified by an independent laboratory), EN50160
  • Measures flicker according to IEC 61000-4-15; measures harmonics according to IEC 61000-4-7
  • Measures a wide range of parameters, including W, VA, VAR, PF, DPF, Demand, Energy, crest factor, K factor, transformer derating factor, telephone interference factor and more
  • UL and CE certified
  • 3 year warranty


·Power Quality Surveys and Diagnostics

  • Energy management & load surveys
  • Data logging
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Compliance testing
  • Flicker testing
  • Alternative energy production – Solar, Wind – Panel strings, batteries, inverters, grid interconnect
  • Capacitor testing


  • PowerVisa
  • Dran-View Enterprise
  • 4GB CF Data Card
  • AC Power Supply
  • Voltage Cable Set
  • SCC-4300 Soft Carry Case
  • US Line Cord
  • CT’s – Package dependent:        
    • DBPV10: 3 x TR2510B
    • DBPV500: 3 x TR2500B
    • DBPV550: 3 x TR2550B
    • DBPVFLEX: 1 x DRANFLEX3003XL24 3 phase Flex CT
    • DBPVFLEX6K: 1 x DRANFLEX6003XL24 3 phase Flex CT


  Product Price Qty  
Dranetz TR-2500B Dranetz TR-2500B
10A-500A CT Clamp-On AC Only Current Probe
Dranetz TR-2510B Dranetz TR-2510B
1A-10A CT Clamp-On AC Only Current Probe
Dranetz TR-2520B Dranetz TR-2520B
100A-3000A CT Clamp-On AC Only Current Probe
Dranetz COMM-RS232 Dranetz COMM-RS232
Fiber to RS232 Adapter
Dranetz COMM-OUA Dranetz COMM-OUA
Fiber to USB Adapter
Dranetz SCC-4300 Dranetz SCC-4300
Soft Carry Case
Dranetz LPC-PX5 Dranetz LPC-PX5
NEMA4 Lockable Portable Case
Dranetz VCP-4300 Dranetz VCP-4300
Voltage Cable Pack; includes 8 colored cables, and jumpers
Dranetz CD-PX5/4400-OP Dranetz CD-PX5/4400-OP
PX5, 4400, PowerVisa Training CD
Dranetz RSC-4300 Dranetz RSC-4300
Rugged Ship Container
Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH6 Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH6
Micro-Flex 3/30/300, 6” FLEX PROBE Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH8 Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH8
Micro-Flex 3/30/300, 8” FLEX PROBE Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH12 Dranetz DRANFLEX300MH12
Micro-Flex 3/30/300, 12” FLEX PROBE Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL24 Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL24
24" 60/600/6000A XL Flex Probes for Portable PQ Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL36 Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL36
36" 60/600/6000A XL Flex Probes for Portable PQ Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL48 Dranetz DRANFLEX6000XL48
48" 60/600/6000A XL Flex Probes for Portable PQ Single Phase Flex Probe
Dranetz CA4300 Dranetz CA4300
Adaptor cable for CT's
Dranetz ENCL-HH Dranetz ENCL-HH
Fiberglass Enclosure 12 X 14
Dranetz BP-PX5 Dranetz BP-PX5
Battery Pack for PX5, 4400, PowerVisa, MeasurePAD, PP4300
Dranetz DVP-PX Dranetz DVP-PX
DranView Pro for PX5, PX5-400, 4400, PowerVisa, EP1, PP1, PP4300, 658, MeasurePAD, Includes DranSET2
Dranetz DVE-PX Dranetz DVE-PX
DranView Ent for PX5, PX5-400, 4400, PowerVisa, EP1, PP1, PP4300, 658, MeasurePAD, PQDIF, COMTRADE, Includes DranSET2
Dranetz PR150/SP2 Dranetz PR150/SP2
1A-150A Hall Effect CT
Dranetz PR1500/SP8 Dranetz PR1500/SP8
1A-1500A Hall Effect CT
Dranetz PR150/SP1 Dranetz PR150/SP1
1A-150A Hall Effect CT
Dranetz PR1500/SP7 Dranetz PR1500/SP7
1A-1500A Hall Effect CT