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Fluke 179/TPAK

Fluke 179/TPAK Multimeter & ToolPak Combo Kit

Multimeter & ToolPak Combo Kit

The Fluke 179 TPAK is one of our Factory New Multimeters & ToolPak™ Combo Kit.

List Price: $349.99
Price: $314.99

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Fluke 179 TPAK Features:

  • True-rms Digital Multimeter
  • True RMS voltage and current measurements
  • 0.09% basic accuracy 6000 count resolution
  • Digital display with analog bargraph and backlight
  • Manual and automatic ranging
  • Display Hold and Auto Hold
  • Frequency and capacitance measurements
  • Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Min-max-average recording
  • Fluke TPAK: Magnetic Meter Hanging Strap



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