Fluke 291-U 115V

Fluke 291-U 115V 40 MHz, 1 CH, Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 290 Series

40 MHz, 1 CH, Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 290 Series

The Fluke 291 is one of our Factory New 100 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generators that has 1 Channel and a bandwidth of 40 MHz, and Waveform Manager Plus Software.

Compact Flash Memory Card and USB Card Reader/Writer

Price: $4,280.00

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These universal waveform generators combine many generators in one instrument. Their extensive signal simulation capabilities include arbitrary waveforms, function generator, pulse/pulse train generator, sweep generator, trigger generator, tone generator, and amplitude modulation source.


  • 291 features:
    • 1 Channel
    • 100 MS/s 12-bit arbitrary waveform capability
    • 1 M point waveform memory
    • 40 MHz function generator capabilities using DDS (50 MHz for square waves)
    • 10 ns pulse pattern generator
    • Waveform sequencing with up to 1024 segments
    • Unlimited waveform storage using CF® memory card
    • Waveform Manager Plus for Windows software
    • USB interface in addition to RS-232 and GPIB