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Fluke EI-1623

Fluke EI-1623 Selective / Stakeless Clamp Set - 1623

Selective / Stakeless Clamp Set - 1623

The Fluke EI 1623 is one of our Factory New Selective / Stakeless Clamp Sets.

List Price: $699.99
Price: $629.99

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The Selective/Stakeless clamp set is used along with the Fluke 1623 to perform Selective and Stakeless testing.

Selective testing means using one clamp along with earth ground stakes to provide earth ground loop resistance values for one earth ground electrode.

Stakeless testing uses both clamps provided to perform earth ground loop resistance measurement without stakes.

Both tests have the advantage of providing measurements with no disconnection from the grounding system! Already included in the Fluke-1623 Kit.

Both clamps have a 50.8 mm (2-inch) inner diameter.