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Fluke FVF-BASIC FlukeView Forms Software with Cable

FlukeView Forms Software with Cable

The Fluke FVF-Basic is one of our Factory New FlukeView Forms Software with Cable.
Price: $159.99



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To address the increasing demands for reporting and documentation, Fluke presents FlukeView Forms documenting software. 

Fluke FVF-Basic increases the power of your Fluke tool by enabling you to document, store and analyze individual readings or series of measurements, then convert them into professional-looking documents.
  • Fluke View Forms Basic Includes:
    • CD for FlukeView Forms Basic
    • Plastic Infrared Adapter (aids meter/PC connection)
    • PC to meter IR-USB cable
    • User Manual
    • Registration Card
    • Software License Agreement
    • Installation Instructions for IR-USB cable
  • Fluke View Forms Basic Features:
    • Owners of Fluke 280 series, 180 series, 789 and 1550B, who do not need the full power of FlukeView forms, can use FlukeView Basic version.
    • Transfer data points from your meter to your PC and use the two standard, non-customizable forms to display your readings in table or graphical form.
    • For a larger array of forms or to use FlukeView Forms Designer to customize your forms, upgrade to FlukeView Forms version 3.0 with FVF-UG.