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Fluke T+Pro

Fluke T+Pro Electrical Tester

Electrical Tester

The Fluke T+PRO is one of our Factory New Electrical Testers.

Price: $99.99



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These electrical testers have all the advantages of traditional solenoid testers, with none of the typical drawbacks.

Use all 3 voltage detection methods – light, sound, and vibration, to work more efficiently in noisy environments, dimly lit areas, or tight spaces.

Built-in flashlight, GFCI trip capability, and the legendary ruggedness you expect from Fluke, make these an excellent choice for most residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The Fluke T+PRO is the choice for the demanding commercial and industrial electrician. This full-featured electrical tester includes voltage and continuity measurement, a Rotary Field Indicator, resistance, and a digital display with 0.1 V resolution.


  • Fluke T+PRO Features:
    • 3 forms of ac/dc voltage detection: light, sound, and vibration for added user
    • protection and convenience
    • Detect live voltage even when the battery is dead
    • Extra heavy-duty, replaceable test leads for more flexibility and durability
    • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V rated for added user protection
    • Continuity beeper
    • Bright LED flashlight for work in poorly lit areas
    • GFCI Trip
    • On/Off switchable beeper, selectable according to your environment
    • Compliant with latest NFPA 70E recommendations
    • Replaceable test probes for added flexibility and convenience
    • Convenient probe storage on the back
    • Probe holder for easier testing
    • Hazardous voltage warning light for added user protection
    • Test lead strap included for better test lead management
    • AC/DC Voltage: 1 V – 600 V on LED bar, 10. V
    • Auto-off saves battery power
    • 2-year warranty
  • Added Functionality for the T+PRO:
    • Backlit LCD display for easier viewing
    • Display resolution of 0.1 V, ideal for troubleshooting low-voltage lighting
    • Resistance (Ohms) to 9.99 kOhms
    • Rotary Field Indication
    • Display Hold for easier viewing in hard-to-test areas