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Fluke TIX560 60HZ

Fluke TIX560 60HZ Infrared Camera

60 Hz Infrared Camera

The Fluke TIX560 60HZ is one of our Factory-New 60Hz Infrared Cameras.

Price: $14,499.00



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Fluke TIX560 60HZ Features:

  • The largest 5.7 inch responsive LCD touchscreen for a 320x240 infrared camera
  • 180° articulating lens for those tough shots
  • Premium image quality with leading spatial resolution for a 320x240 infrared camera¹
  • Get up to 4 times the resolution and pixels than standard mode with SuperResolution (up to 307,200 pixels)
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus - utilizing precision laser technology, focus on your target with pinpoint accuracy and get the correct image and temperature measurements you need
  • Built-in laser distance meter - calculates the distance to your designated target up to 100 feet (30 meters) and displays the distance on the image
  • Remote viewing and control options
  • Temperature measurements up to 1200 °C
  • Light and ergonomic design with neck and hand strap for all day use
  • Easily navigate over, under and around objects with the 180° articulating lens and see the image before you capture it
  • Capture images with the only 5.7 inch responsive touchscreen LCD with on-camera analytics for in-field image analysis
  • Save time with post-capture image processing - edit emissivity, background temperature, transmissivity, palettes, color alarms, IR-Fusion and enable/disable markers all on cameras

Quick and easy in-field analysis with IR-Fusion® technology and advanced touchscreen functions:

  • Continuous auto blend - easy identification of location and problem with visible and IR image blending
  • Continuous level and span adjustment
  • Combine multiple frames of data into one premium image with Image Sharpening
  • Filter mode for improved thermal sensitivity
  • Post capture image editing includes: Emissivity, Background temperature, Transmissivity, Palettes, Color alarms, IR-Fusion, Enable/disable markers
  • Connect to the largest network of wireless test and measurement tools with Fluke Connect™ (not available in all countries)
  • Remote viewing and control options
  • Temperature measurements up to 1200 °C
  • Light and ergonomic design with neck and hand strap for all day use
  • Optional field installable wide angle and telephoto lens


  • Thermal imager with standard infrared lens
  • Ac power supply and battery pack charger (including universal ac adapters)
  • Two, rugged lithium ion smart battery packs
  • USB cable
  • HDMI video cable
  • Bluetooth headset (where available)
  • Rugged, hard carrying case
  • Adjustable neck and hand strap
  • Flash drive with SmartView® Software and user manuals
  • 2 Year Warranty registration card and calibration certificate

The Fluke TIX 560 has the largest 5.7in touchscreen LCD for a 320x240 IR camera, easy target navigation with a 180° rotating lens & LaserSharp® Auto Focus let you instantly capture an in-focus image.