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Fluke VT04

Fluke VT04 IR Thermometer

IR Thermometer

The Fluke VT04 is one of our Factory New IR Thermometers.

List Price: $549.95
Price: $494.96



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Fluke VT04 Features:

  • Detect issues instantly with built-in digital camera
  • No training required; Fully automatic with built-in intelligence
  • True pocket size design
  • Breakthrough affordability: Half the cost of infrared cameras that require training and software
  • Exclusive thermal heat map blending overlay
  • Blend digital and thermal images to instantly show the exact location of the issue
  • Blend between 0 %, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and full thermal with one button
  • Powerful resolution with PyroBlend Plus optics
  • Best-in-class field of view for tight spaces: 28° x 28°
  • Four times sharper images: VT04 compared to VT02
  • Alarm and time lapse features
  • Hi/Lo temperature alarm—Screen flashes if user-selected temperature is exceeded
  • Time lapse image capture—automatically capture images
  • Auto-monitor alarm — Automatically capture images after a user-selected temperature alarm has been triggered
  • True pocket size design; Forty percent smaller than entry-level infrared cameras
  • SmartView reporting software
  • Store up to 10,000 images per Gb on included SD card and make professional reports on included professional software

The Fluke VT04 is a groundbreaking Visual IR Thermometer that detects issues instantly by combining a built-in digital camera with a thermal heat map overlay.

The Fluke VT04 features PyroBlend Plus technology that delivers 4x sharper images for enhanced problem detection, best-in-class field of view, and powerful new alarm and auto monitoring features that detect stubborn, intermittent issues.