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Gossen Metrawatt MAVO-SPOT-2 (M508G)

Gossen Metrawatt MAVO-SPOT-2 (M508G)

USB Spotmeter

The Gossen MAVO-SPOT-2 is one of our Factory New USB Spotmeters.

Price: $2,539.00



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The Gossen MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is a precision luminance measuring instrument with a measuring angle of 1°. This meter provides luminance measurements from a distance from 1 m to infinity, while taking into consideration the ambient light. The MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is equipped with a high quality SLR optical system. It has a viewing field of 15° and clearly marked measuring angle of 1° in the center, as well as an external focusing ring. Two optional close-up lenses allow the measuring distance down to 34 cm.

Gossen MAVO-SPOT-2 Features:
• High precision spot metering of the luminance with a measuring angle of 1° IEC 13023-1, Appendix B
• SLR viewfinder with measuring circle of 1° and viewing field of 15°
• Measuring from the distance from 1 m to infinity, with close-up lenses (optional) down to 34 cm
• Contact measurement with optional Measuring Probe
• Backlight display illumination with LCD read-out in the viewfinder
• The silicon photo diode is color corrected, i.e. its spectral response is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V(λ)
• Easy to use, one hand use, with only four buttons and 1 sliding switch
• Automatic measuring range selection, total range from 0.01 cd/m² to 99.990 cd/m² subdivided into four measuring ranges and 0.003 to 29.187 foot-lambert
• Data memory for up to 1000 single measuring values, or alternatively in 10 groups
• USB 2.0 Port
• Tripod socket
• CD Rom included with software for visualizing and processing the data, as well as for controlling the meter

For luminance measurement of:
• Display monitors for computer tomography, digital radiography, viewing panels for X-ray films, and other medical systems
• Lighting of streets, roads, tunnels, and airfields
• Light reflections at work places according to the applicable protective laws and regulations for people at work
• Lighting in public places, museums, and buildings
• Projection screens, for checking the uniformity of the illumination
• Official inspections or constancy tests in medical applications according to IEC 61223-2-5