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Gossen Metrawatt METRAFLEX P300 (Z502E)

Gossen Metrawatt METRAFLEX P300 (Z502E)

Flex AC-current sensor 3/30/300 A, 1V/100mV/10mV/A, with batteries

The Gossen Metrawatt METRAFLEX P300 (Z502E) is one of our Factory New flex AC-current sensors.

Price: $596.00



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Gossen Metrawatt METRAFLEX P300 (Z502E) Features:

  • Wide range of applications, 3 measuring ranges 3/30/300 A AC, but not for power measurements
  • Large bandwidth 20 Hz ... 4 kHz for harmonic analysis
  • Precise measurements even with low currents, due to wide dynamic range and high sensor sensitivity
  • Low conductor position influence and minimum stray field influence
  • Easy to operate in restricted space thanks to small sensor cross-section of 9.9 mm and slim end cap of 13.6 mm
  • Safe handling even with protection gloves; opening of sensor and measuring range setting in one-hand operation
  • Current sensor with protection type IP65, measuring amplifier with IP40
  • High level of safety for the user, measurement category 1000 V@CAT III, 600 V @ CAT IV and unlimited overload capacity