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Gossen Metrawatt METRAHIT T-COM (M246A)

Gossen Metrawatt METRAHIT T-COM (M246A)

Multimeter for testing copper cable installation, battery, KS21T, DAkkS* certificate

The Gossen Metrawatt METRAHIT T-COM (M246A) is one of our Factory New Insulation tester.

Price: $993.00



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Gossen Metrawatt METRAHIT T-COM (M246A) Features:

  • Insulation resistance measurement (test voltage: 100 V) with simultaneous detection of interference voltage and polarity reversal for diode testing
  • Cable symmetry testing by means of rapid changeover switching
  • Multifunctional multimeter (V, Ω, F, Hz)
  • TRMS measurement, AC and AC+DC for current and voltage
  • Low-pass filter can be activated (200 Hz / -3 dB)
  • Direct current measurement, 100 nA to 1 A
  • Precision temperature indication in °C and °F for Pt100/Pt1000 sensors
  • 3¾ place display, 3100 digits, illumination can be activated, analog display: linear or logarithmic for insulation measurement
  • Acoustic signal for continuity testing, dangerous contact voltages, exceeded overload limits
  • Min-Max value storage
  • Data memory and internal clock, power pack adapter socket
  • Housing with IP 54 protection, dust and splash protected, protective rubber cover as standard feature
  • Bidirectional infrared interface for exchanging data with a PC
  • New housing design, separate battery and fuse compartments, intelligent key functions with SMD button
  • DAkkS calibration certificate as standard feature
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 3 years material and workmanship, 
    1 to 3 years for calibration (depending upon application)