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Gossen Metrawatt METRAWin 90-F (Z211C)

Calibrator software for F5500A / F5520A

The Gossen Metrawatt METRAWin 90-F (Z211C) is one of our Factory New calibration software packages.

Price: $2,133.00



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Gossen Metrawatt METRAWin 90-F (Z211C) Features:

  • Automated calibration of METRAHit ..S / ..M / ..A series handheld multimeters with infrared interface
  • New: Adjustment of METRAHit 22-29S /M handheld multimeters via RS 232 interface
  • Simple and quick generation, testing and documentation of calibration procedures
  • Uncomplicated operation: even semiskilled workers can execute qualified calibration tasks
  • Outstanding applications flexibility with calibration signal fed by means of key entry or via the interface
  • Documentation can be printed out as standard calibration report, or as a user-specific certificate
  • Dynamic data exchange with Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Documentation includes all entries required for certificates in accordance with EN ISO 9000
  • “Determination of measuring uncertainty” in accordance with DKD-3 after a specified number of measurements
  • Specification of calculated measuring uncertainty in accordance with DKD-3 or TUR (test uncertainty ratio) included