HT Instruments HT155

HT Instruments HT155

Integrating Professional Class 1 Sound Level Meter

The HT Instruments HT155 is one of our Factory-New Integrating Professional Class 1 Sound Level Meters.

Price: $7,995.00


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HT Instruments HT155 Features:

  • Measuring range 25-140dB
  • "Peak", "Fast", "Slow" and “Pulse” integrations
  • “A”, “C” and “Z (linear)” frequency weighting
  • “Peak+” and “Peak-“ measurement in C weighting
  • Statistical noise analysis “A” weighted
  • Statistical noise analysis over 24 hours
  • ½ “ condenser microphone with pre-amplifier
  • AC analogical output
  • Class 1 portable calibrator
  • Internal memory for saving data
  • Mini-USB output for connection to PC
  • Connection with USB pen drive

Standard Accessories:

  • HT151: Class 1 portable calibrator
  • Adapter 100-240V/5VDC with USB output
  • Mini-USB cable for PC connection
  • USB pen drive
  • USB cable for pen drive connection
  • Windproof protection
  • Windows software SoundView
  • Batteries
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • User manual
  • Carrying case


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
  • IEC60651:1979 Class 1
  • IEC60804:1985 Class 1
  • IEC61672:2002 Class 1

The HT155 is a compact, strong and reliable Class 1 sound level meter for detection and recording of equivalent noise level Leq,  Peak value measurements, control of sound level, acoustic pollution, etc. suitable to certify environmental noise level in working areas according to national regulations in force. Thanks to a powerful microprocessor and wide measuring range from 25 to 140 dB it is possible to effect simultaneously multiple functions (statistical analysis, 24 hour analysis, integral Leq analysis). The model is provided with an internal memory for saving recording results and USB interface for transfer of data to PC by using Windows software to display numerical, graphic and statistic data. The instrument is supplied with hard carrying case and a portable Class 1 calibrator for preliminary checks before starting any measurement.