HT Instruments HT300

HT Instruments HT300

Hand Held Digital Thermometer for temperature measurements with type K/J probes

The HT Instruments HT300 is one of our Factory-New Hand Held Digital Thermometers for temperature measurements with type K/J probes.

Price: $150.00


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HT Instruments HT300 Features:

  • Temperature measurement in °C/°F by means of K/J type probes
  • Maximum, minimum and average (AVG) values
  • Relative measurement
  • Data HOLD
  • Offset adjustment for compensation of external probes
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Accuracy is given as ± [% of reading + values] at 23°C ± 5°C, <80%RH

Standard Accessories:

  • TK101 : Type K bead probe
  • Carrying bag
  • Battery
  • User manual


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive

TK107 : Type K probe for air/gas temperature
TK108 : Type K probe for semi-solid substances temperature
TK109 : Type K probe for liquid temperature
TK110 : Type K probe for surface temperature
TK111 : Type K probe for surface temp. with 90 degree tip

Mechanical characteristics:
Dimensions of instrument (LxWxH): 130 x 56 x 38mm
Weight of instrument (including battery): 170g

The model HT300 is a compact digital thermometer designed to perform contact, air or liquid temperature measurements with type K/J probes directly connected to it with standard connector. The instrument measures temperature both in °C and °F and can compensate possible error of external probes. The Data HOLD, MAX/MIN/AVG, the relative measurement and a Auto Power OFF features are also available with the meter.