HT Instruments HT304N

HT Instruments HT304N

Reference Cell with Tilt Stand and Connection Cable

The HT Instruments HT304N is one of our Factory-New Reference Cells with Tilt Stand and Connection Cable.

Price: $595.00


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HT Instruments HT304N Features:

  • Standard Accessory for the SOLAR I-V, I-V 400, and the SOLAR300N.
  • Optional Accessory for the PV CHECK AND MPP300.
  • Double input for connection to SINGLE or POLY crystalline modules
  • Irradiation measurement up to 1400 W/mq
  • Protection degree IP65
  • Bracket for correct fixing on panels

Standard Accessories:

  • F304N: Set of screws for fixing bracket on panel
  • Alligator clip black, 4 pcs
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • User manual

The HT304N is an irradiance meter designed to measure the actual light the panels pick up from the environment. It has a multi-crystalline and a poly-crystalline reference cell built into the unit therefore picking the actual irradiance of the panel installed in the system. The meter can then do its measurements by comparing the irradiance levels to the STC providing you with an accurate reading at the time of the day the testing was carried out.