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HT Instruments HT307

HT Instruments HT307

Digital Luxmeter with built-in photo sensor and analogical DC output

The HT Instruments HT307 is one of our Factory-New Digital Luxmeters with built-in photo sensor and analogical DC output.

Price: $175.00


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HT Instruments HT307 Features:

  • Illumination measurement up to 200 klux (20 kfc)
  • Manual zeroing with trimmer
  • Correction of spectral response
  • Manual range of measurement
  • MAX/MIN function
  • Data Hold function
  • DC analogue output (mV)
  • Selection between lux or ft measurement mode
  • Low battery indication

Standard Accessories:

  • Jack for AC/DC analogical outputs
  • Screwdriver for manual calibration
  • Cable banana-alligator clip, 2m, 2 pcs
  • Certificate of test
  • Battery
  • User manual


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
  • JIS C 1609:1993 Class A

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Meter sizes: 130(L) x 55(W) x 38(H)mm
  • Sensor sizes: 80(L) x 55 (W) x 25(H) mm
  • Weight (including battery): 250g

The HT307 is a digital luxmeter for measurements of illuminance and lighting up to 200 kLux, extremely compact and easy to use. The peculiarity of this model is the built-in photo sensor witch permits to perform rapid tests by one hand only. The instrument has a built-in DC analogue output (mV) proportional to illuminance measured by input sensor, which can be combined with an external multimeter or data logger. Other important features are the spectral response correction and the cosine correction of angular incidence of light. The HT307 complies with international CIE Standards on spectral response. This model is the ideal solution to control and verify domestic and industrial environments.