HT Instruments HT4004N

HT Instruments HT4004N

Transducer for AC/DC currents up to 100A

The HT Instruments HT4004N is one of our Factory-New Transducer for AC/DC currents up to 100A.

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 HT Instruments HT4004N Features:

  • DC current with scales 10-100A
  • Resolution of measurement: 10A 0.01A scale;  0.1A scale 100A
  • Selector current scale
  • Function adjustment 0 Manual
  • External power and low battery indicator
  • Maximum output signal amplitude 1VDC
  • Max.  Cable Diameter: 32mm
  • Output connector type: Hypertac


  • EN 61010-1-LVD Directive 2006/95
  • EC-EMC Directive 2004/108/EC


  • Battery
  • Manual

The HT4004N is a standard clamp transducer to measure the DC current with scales 10-100A.  The HT4004N model has been designed for applications in photovoltaic network analyzer or multimeters facilities and / or data loggers precision cable with a maximum diameter of 32mm.  The HT4004N transducer is manufactured in accordance with the safety requirements of IEC / EN61010-1 and overvoltage category CAT III 300V to ground.