HT Instruments PVCHECK S

HT Instruments PVCHECK S Meter

Meter for safety, functionality and performance on PV plants

The HT Instruments PVCHECKs is one of our Factory-New Meters for safety, functionality and performance on PV plants.

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HT Instruments PVCHECKs Features:

  • Safety test of PV installation
  • Continuity test on protective conductors with 200mA
  • Insulation test with test voltage of 250, 500, 1000VDC
  • DC voltage
  • DC current
  • DC Power
  • Solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell
  • Environmental  and module temperature by means of PT1000 probe
  • SOLAR-02: remote unit for irradiance and temperature measurements (RF connection).
  • Recording of PV plant parameters (DC side) with programmable IP (5s – 60min)
  • Use of PDC compensation ratios according to environmental and module temperature
  • Use of relationship to maximize the DC efficiency
  • Outcome OK/NO
  • Check of PV string's working
  • Measurement of open circuit voltage up to 1000V DC
  • Measurement of short circuit current up to 15A DC
  • Measurement of temperature, automatic or by means of  PT1000 probe
  • Measurement of solar radiation [W/m2] with reference cell
  • Mechanical inclinometer for the detection of solar radiation incidence angle
  • Comparison with standard conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25°C)
  • Outcome of testing: OK / NO
  • Database to manage up to 30 types of photovoltaic modules
  • Internal memory for data saving
  • Optical/USB port for PC connection
  • Help on line on display

Standard Accessories:

  • KITGSC4: Set 4 cables + 4 alligator clips
  • KITPCMC3: Set of 2 multi-contact one wire for MC3 connectors
  • KITPCMC4: Set 2 multi-contact one wire for MC4 connectors
  • HT4004: Standard clamp for  DC current up to 100A
  • TOPVIEW2006: Windows software + optical/USB cable C2006
  • BORSA2051: Soft carrying bag
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick reference guide
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate


  • SOLAR-02: Remote unit for irradiance/temperature
  • HT304N: Reference cell for radiation measurements
  • PT300N: PT1000 probe for cell temperature measurement
  • M304: Mechanical inclinometer
  • SP-0400: Set of straps for use of meter on neck


  • EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
  • IEC/EN 61010-032
  • IEC/EN 61010-1
  • IEC/EN61557-1
  • IEC/EN61557-2
  • IEC/EN61557-4
  • IEC/EN62446
  • LVD 2006/95/CE Directive

The multifunction instrument PVCHECKs performs prompt and safe electrical checks required for a PV system (DC section) and controls of the functionality of modules/strings in accordance with IEC/EN62446 guideline.

PVCHECKs verifies the continuity of the protective conductors (and associated connections) and measures the insulation resistance of the active conductors on a module, a string, or a photovoltaic field in accordance to IEC/EN62446 guideline, without the need of any external switch to short-circuit the positive and negative terminals.