Instek AFG-225P

Instek AFG-225P

25MHz, Dual channel, USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generator with Power Supply

The Instek AFG-225P is one of our Factory New 25MHz, Dual channel, USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generators with a Power Supply.

Price: $333.00



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Instek AFG-225P Features:

  • 25MHz
  • Dual Channel
  • 1uHz frequency resolution
  • Built-in 120 MSa/s, 10 bit resolution and arbitrary waveform editing function with 4k point memory
  • Built-in AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM(AFG-225/225P) modulation, sweep and burst functions
  • Square waveform can adjust the duty cycle from 1% to 99%.
  • Support various arbitrary waveform editing methods.
  • USB interface signal control
  • AFG-125P/225P provide three DC power selections
  • 2.5V/3.3V/5V

The main features of the Instek AFG-225P output amplitude of 2.5Vpp (connecting with a load of 50 ohms), frequency range reaching 25MHz, frequency resolution of 1uHz, and built-in sine waveform, square waveform, triangle waveform, and noise signal. Square waveform can adjust the duty cycle from 1% to 99% and it can be utilized as pulse signal. Users, via the GDS-2000A FG APP, can select from the 66 built-in function waveforms to conduct arbitrary waveform editing. The AFG-100/200 series, with functions of AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM modulation, frequency sweep, burst and coupling, is suitable for various communications applications.

The Instek AFG-225P collocates with the FG APP of GDS-2000A digital oscilloscope through USB interface. While conducting stand-alone operation, the AFG-100/200 series utilizes USB interface, which allows users to quickly set up their required tests by the simple connection feature. AWES (arbitrary waveform editing software) PC software is provided to enter settings speedily and easily for measurement. Users can select required waveforms from arbitrary waveform editor.