Instek AFG-3051

Instek AFG-3051

50 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

The Instek AFG-3051 is one of our Factory New Abitrary Function Generators.

Price: $1,800.00

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The AFG-3000 Series is an Arbitrary Waveform and Digital-Synthesized Function Generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes with a bandwidth of 80 MHz for AFG-3081 and 50 MHz for AFG-3051. The AFG-3000 Series, featuring 200Msa/s sampling rate, 16 bit vertical resolution and 1M point waveform length, is a very useful and flexible signal source to meet diversified application needs in the market today.

The user-friendly operation, the On-Screen Help, and the multiple ways of arbitrary waveform editing make AFG-3000 just a plug and play equipment. The point by point waveform data entry or standard waveform clip piling through front panel operation, the CSV file waveform data download, the direct waveform reconstruction through DSO waveform data import and the PS software edited waveform download are the 4 ways availbale for arbitrary waveform editing.

A 4.3-inch high resolution TFT LCD in the AFG-3000 front panel is iseed to display waveform and set parameters. The large and high-resolution screen is especially useful when the arbitrary waveform construction is done through front panel operation. The impedance of AFG-3000 can be selected between 50 Ohm and Hi-Z to ensure right impedance compatibility between AFG and DUT.