Instek GDS-2204A

GDS-2204A Instek Digital Oscilloscope

200MHz, 4 CH, Visual Persistence DSO

The GDS-2204A is a 200MHZ, 4 channel digital oscilloscope from Instek. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency and rise times, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

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Instek GDS-2204A Features:

  • 200MHz Bandwidth
  • 4 Input Channels
  • 2GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and 100GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
  • 2MegaPoints Record Length
  • 1mV /div to 10V/div of Vertical Range
  • 1ns/div to 100s/div of Time Base Range
  • 80,000 wfm/s of Waveform Update Rate
  • 8 inch 800 X 600 High Resolution TFT LCD Display
  • Built-in Segmented Memory and Waveform Search Functions to Optimize the Efficiency of Record Length
  • Zoom Window and Play/Pause can Rapidly Navigate the Waveforms
  • 36 Automatic Measurement Functions Offers Various Measurement Selections
  • Optional 8 or 16 digital channel with Logic analyzer(MSO)
  • Optional Function Generator
  • Flexible Remote Control Connectivity(Standard:USB ;Option:LAN/GPIB)
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Instek GDS2204A provides 2GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate and 100GSa/s high-speed equivalent-time sampling rate. Equipped with an 8-inch 800 x 600 high-resolution TFT LCD display, 1mV/div to 10V/div vertical range and 1ns/div to 100s/div time base, the GDS-2204A is able to faithfully demonstrate waveforms of complicated and obscure signals.


  Product Price Qty  
Instek DS2-FGN Instek DS2-FGN
DDS Function Generator Module
Instek DS2-16LA Instek DS2-16LA
16 Channel Logic Analyzer
Instek DS2-8LA Instek DS2-8LA
8 Channel Logic Analyzer
Instek DS2-LAN Instek DS2-LAN
Ethernet & SVGA Output
Instek DS2-GPIB Instek DS2-GPIB
GPIB Interface

Instek GDS-2204A - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
DS2-08LA 8-Channel Logic Analyzer Module
DS2-16LA 16-Channel Logic Analyzer Module
DS2-FGN 3MHz DDS Function Generator Module
DS2-GPIB GPIB Interface Module
DS2-LAN Ethernet & SVGA Output module