Instek GFG-8215A

Instek GFG-8215A

3 MHz, Function Generator

The Instek GFG-8215A is one of our Factory New Function Generators with a frequency range from 0.3Hz to 3MHz.

Price: $185.00



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GFG-8200A product family offers a complete solution in generating signals at the frequency ranges of 3&5 MHz. All models are embedded with standard functions such as TTL/CMOS/Ramp output, External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF), as well as built-in 6-digit counter (except GFG-8215A).

Further versatility of Logarithmic and Linear sweep is added into GFG-8255A/8219A/8217A, while GCV output feature and AM/FM modulation are available in GFG-8255A/8219A. All these integrated functions and user-friendly operations of the GFG-8200A series are made to accommodate the applications in audio response testing, vibration testing, servo system evaluation, ultra sound applications, and so forth.