Instek GPT-9603

Instek GPT-9603

AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

The Instek GPT-9603 is one of our Factory New AC 100VA AC/DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Testers.

Price: $1,152.00



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Instek GPT-9603 Features:

  • 100VA AC Test Capacity
  • AC/DC/IR
  • 240x48 Ice Blue Dot Matrix LCD
  • Auto W-I and I-W Mode
  • True RMS Current Measurement
  • Zero Crossing Turn-on Operation
  • Safety INTERLOCK Function
  • PWM Switching Amplifier to Enhance the Power Efficiency and Reliable Testing
  • Automatically Switching Input Source for Universal Input Voltage
  • Interface : Remote Terminal, Signal I/O

The Instek GPT-9603 , carrying a high-efficiency PWM amplifier design, generates output source up to 98% efficiency. This greatly reduces the energy loss from heat dissipation and therefore lowers the temperature within the cabinet. The suppression of temperature rise during heavy-duty operation of the tester significantly increases tester’s reliability and service lifetime.