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Instek PCS-1000

Instek PCS-1000

D.C. and A.C. Current Shunt Meter

The Instek PCS-1000 is one of our Factory New D.C. and A.C. Current Shunt Meters.

Price: $3,600.00

Free US Domestic Ground Freight



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Instek PCS-1000 Features:

  • All-in-One Design
  •  Simultaneously measure Current and Voltage
  •  DC 1000V, AC 600V, DCA 300A, ACA 300A
  •  6-1/2 Digit Resolution & Accuracy read back.
  •  5 Selectable ranges Voltage and Current
  •  USB and GPIB Standard Interfaces
  •  DVM Function
  •  Auto Zero Circuit

The Instek PCS-1000 is a verification-lab grade current and voltage measurement instrument
suitable for R&D, Quality Verification and Testing jobs for power products such as power supply, communications systems power, server power and electronic load.