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Instek PEL-2041A

Instek PEL-2041A

500V, 10A, 350W, Single Channel D.C. Electronic Load Module

The Instek PEL-2041A is a Factory New 500V, 10A, 350W, Single Channel D.C. Electronic Load Module.

Price: $2,040.00



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Instek PEL-2041A Features:

  • 500V, 10A, 350W D.C. Electronic Load Module
  • Sequence function to do high Efficient load simulations
  • Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
  • Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe
  • Parallel connection of inputs for increased load capacity
  • Parallel connection of inputs for static and dynamic tests
  • OPP/OCP/OVP/OTP protections
  • External channel control/monitoring via an analog control connector
  • Multi-Interface USB Device / Host, RS-232C, and GPIB (Optional)

Accessories Included:

  • Power Cable
  • CD ROM Contains PEL-2000A Series Electronic DC Load User Manual
  • Programming Manual and USB Driver
  • GTL-120 Load Cables 2X red, 2X black
  • GTL-121 Remote sense cables, 1 X red, 1X black

The Instek PEL-2041A is part of the PEL-2000A Series and includes a number of protection modes: Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Reverse Voltage Protection (RVP), and Under Voltage Protection(UVP). Reverse Voltage Protection (RVP), and Under Voltage Protection(UVP). The protection modes are useful to protect both the load modules and the DUT(s). A buzzer can be set when a protection setting has been tripped. When a protection mode has been tripped, the load unit will display an alarm and stop sinking current/voltage. When a load unit is operating in CR or CV mode, the unit may need Over Current Protection to prevent excessive current being sunk. Over Current Protection stops the load from sinking more current than its recommended limit and prevents the load from burn-out damage.

Multiple loads within the same mainframe can be connected in parallel to perform both static and dynamic tests. The modularized structure of the PEL-2000A Series allows any combination of mainframe and load module to be integrated into a custom-tailored syste