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Keithley 2100/120

Keithley 2100/120 6.5 Digit USB DMM

6.5 Digit USB DMM (120 V version)

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Keithley 2100/120 Features:

  • 120 Volt Version
  • High precision 6½-digit DMM for critical measurements at a 5½-digit price
  • 11 measurement functions cover most commonly measured parameters
  • Fully specified accuracies on all functions for ISO -compliant results
  • Included PC software utilities for graphing and data sharing in both Microsoft® Word and Excel
  • Rugged construction for durability in bench/portable applications
  • Selectable front/rear inputs facilitate bench or rack use
  • Includes all accessories, such as startup software, USB cable, power cable, and safety test lead, for lowest total cost
  • CE compliant and UL listed
  • TMC compliant USB 2.0 interface for use with SCPI test programs

The Keithley 2100 provides a wide number of measurement ranges and functions:

  • DC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, and 1000V
  • AC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, and 750V
  • DC current: 10mA, 100mA, 1A, and 3A
  • AC current: 1A and 3A
  • Two- and four-wire resistance: 100W, 1kW, 10kW, 100kW, 1MW, 10MW, and 100MW
  • Frequency: From 3Hz to 300kHz
  • Period measurement
  • Diode measurement
  • Programmable A-D converter and filter settings for signal to noise optimization

The Keithley 2100/120 USB Digital Multimeter is the newest member of Keithley's family of high performance DMMs. Its high accuracy (38ppm), 6-1/2 digit resolution is ideal for critical measurements. The Model 2100 features 11 measurement functions and 8 math functions to easily accommodate the most commonly measured parameters. All accessories, such as USB cable, probes, and software, are included with the Model 2100. With its unique combination of high precision and low total cost of ownership, the Model 2100 is an unbeatable value for R&D engineers, test engineers, scientists, and students making basic precision measurements on the bench and in system applications.

The Keithley 2100/120 provides stability, accuracy, and speed at a very low cost. It has 0.0038% 1-year basic DC voltage accuracy on the 10V range and 0.013% 1-year basic resistance accuracy on the 10kW range. At 6½ digits, the Model 2100 delivers 50 triggered rdgs/s via the USB remote interface. At the fast 4½ digit setting, it reads over 2000 rdgs/s into its 2000 reading internal buffer.