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Keithley 2260B-80-27

2260B-80-27 Keithley DC Power Supply

80V,27A, 720W Programmable DC Power Supply

The 2260B-80-27 is a 720 Watt DC Power Supply from Keithley. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.

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Keithley 2260B-80-27 Features:

  • 360W and 720W versions with voltage up to 80V and current up to 72A
  • Combine power supplies in serial and parallel combinations to expand voltage and current outputs up to 160V and 216A
  • Programmable voltage or current rise and fall times from 0.1V/s to 160V/s or 0.01A/s to 144A/s prevent damage

from inrush current to low impedance loads

  • Constant current priority setting reduces voltage and current overshoot when powering LEDs
  • Simulate a battery’s output characteristics with a programmable output resistance
  • Display delivered power with either the output current or the output voltage
  • Choose from analog control,USB, LAN, or an optional GPIB interface for automated control
  • Save bench and test system space: six 71mm-wide 360W units or three 143mm-wide 720W units fit in a standard
    rack width


  • Environmental test, stress test, and accelerated life testing
  • LED and high power component testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Battery research and test
  • Production test


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Keithley 2260-001 Keithley 2260-001
Accessory Kit
Keithley 2260-002 Keithley 2260-002
Simple IDC Tool
Keithley 2260-004 Keithley 2260-004
Basic Accessories kit
Keithley 2260-003 Keithley 2260-003
Contact Removal Tool
Keithley 2260-005 Keithley 2260-005
0.5 m Cable
Keithley 2260-006 Keithley 2260-006
0.5 m Cable
Keithley 2260-007 Keithley 2260-007
0.5 m Cable
Keithley 2260B-GPIB-USB Keithley 2260B-GPIB-USB
GPIB To USB Adapter
Keithley 2260B-EXTERM Keithley 2260B-EXTERM
Extended Terminal
Keithley 2260B-RMK-EIA Keithley 2260B-RMK-EIA
Rack Mount Kit (EIA)
Keithley 2260B-RMK-JIS Keithley 2260B-RMK-JIS
Rack Mount Kit (JIS)