Keithley 2701 New

Keithley 2701 Ethernet Based Multimeter/Data Acquisition System

Ethernet Based Multimeter/Data Acquisition System

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Keithley 2701 Features:

  • Combines functions of DMM, switch system, and datalogger
  • True 6½-digit (22-bit) resolution
  • Mainframe Size: 1/2 rack, 2U
  • No. of Card Slots: 2
  • Choice of 12 switch/control plug-in modules
  • Up to 200 differential input channels (with 300V isolation) for measurement and control
  • Convenient front panel inputs
  • Free LabVIEW™, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, C/C++, and TestPoint™ drivers (IVIstyle)
  • Ethernet, RS-232 communications capabilities
  • Free ExceLINX™ -1A datalogging software

The Keithley 2701 combines precision measurement, switching, and control in a single, tightly integrated enclosure for either rack-mounted or benchtop applications. These cost-effective, high performance test platforms offer affordable alternatives to separate DMMs and switch systems, dataloggers/recorders, plug-in card data acquisition equipment, and VXI/PXI systems. The Integra Series plug-in switching and control modules offer unmatched flexibility and testing efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications. System builders can create test solutions with a combination of channel count, cost per channel, and system performance unmatched by any other singlebox measurement system.

The input modules provide the flexibility to vary the channel count from 20 to 200 (2-pole), apply a stimulus to the device under test, route signals, control system components, and make precision measurements with up to 14 functions. Robust digital I/O capabilities can be used for triggering, handshaking with other automation equipment, and alarm limit outputs. Scan rates of up to 500 channels/second (up to 3500 readings/second on a single channel) will increase test productivity.

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Keithley 7007-1 Keithley 7007-1
Double Shielded Premium GPIB Cable, 1m (3.2 ft.)
Keithley 7007-2 Keithley 7007-2
Double Shielded Premium GPIB Cable, 2m (6.5 ft.)
Keithley 7789 Keithley 7789
50 Pin/25 Pin D-Shell Kit (1 each)
Keithley 7700 Keithley 7700
50MHz, 20 Channel Differential Multiplexer with Automatic CJC with Screw Terminals
Keithley 7701 Keithley 7701
32 Channel, Differential Multiplexer Module
Keithley 7702 Keithley 7702
40CH Differential Multiplexer Module W/Screw Terminals
Keithley 7703 Keithley 7703
32 Channel High Speed Differential Multiplexer with two 50-Pin Female D Connectors
Keithley 7705 Keithley 7705
40 Channel Control Module with two 50-Pin Female D Connectors. Includes two mating connectors.
Keithley 7706 Keithley 7706
All-In-One I/O Module with Screw Terminals
Keithley 7707 Keithley 7707
10CH Differential Multiplexer Module W/32CH Digital I/O
Keithley 7708 Keithley 7708
40 Channel Differential Multiplexer Module with Automatic CJC and Screw Terminals
Keithley 7712 Keithley 7712
3.5GHz, Dual 1x4, 50? Multiplexer Card
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